Robertson Co. mom speaks after being bullied on Facebook for being on food stamps


Hundreds of hurtful, cruel, judgmental comments left on Facebook, following a story about food stamps. 

Melissa Thaxton shared how the government shutdown affected her ability to feed her family.

It sparked comments like “The government is not your baby daddy” and “Give the children your food, you are obviously overeating, problem solved.” 

Now Thaxton is standing up to the bullies letting them know it is not okay 

“If she would back away from the table there would be plenty for her kids to eat,” Thaxton read from the comments. 

It is hard reading through the hundreds of hurtful comments.  

“Get a dang job, clearly she ain’t missed no meals,” she reads.  

The comments left on WKRN’s Facebook page and WKRN Stephanie Langston’s Facebook page, stemming from a story she to try and help others who may not have received their food stamps.  

“Not to get help, not to seem like we’re starving or anything like that,” she explained. 

Thaxton says she never expected to be bullied.  

“I don’t think some people even read the article, they just read the caption and started going off.”  

The majority of the comments slamming her weight. 

“Weight is something I’ve struggled with my whole life.”  

The others judging her for having tattoos and piercings.  

“I haven’t spent money on a tattoo or piercing in I don’t know how long, that’s why I’m so furious they don’t know,” said Thaxton.  

She went on to say that this is not where she wants to be in life, at 35 years old not only does she have back issues but some other health issues that can’t be seen from the outside that keep her from working. 

The comments not only hurt her but her family.  

“It sickens me. It was horrendous, very, very horrendous. I finally had to stop looking.”  

She is mostly concerned that if the adults are going to bully her, what about her 7-year-old son. 

“That’s my number one concern right now,” said Thaxton.  

The negative comments inspired her boyfriend to start a Facebook page to raise awareness on adult bullying.

“To get the word out to try and make the adults aware that you can not do this. Say no to adult bullying. How can you expect your kids not to bully when you are doing the same thing.” she explained.  

In the midst of the hateful comments, a couple of viewers reached out and offered financial help to her. Thaxton says while that was not her goal with doing the story it offered a glimmer of hope that there are still some nice people out there.

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