Robbed by kids, East Nashville victim shares shocking account


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An East Nashville robbery victim first thought it was a joke, then she realized the kids were actually robbers with a long gun. 

The victim says one robber looked to be 10 years old, the other maybe 15.  

With her identity hidden for safety concerns, the victim told News 2 she was dog-sitting at a home on Russell Street around 7:30 Tuesday night.  

She recounted seeing two kids walking on 14th Avenue, but didn’t think much about them. The victim says she parked and walked toward the home, but the two kids were soon right behind her with hoodies up and bandanas on.  

“The little boy is like right here and he’s pointing the gun at me, he’s like give me your car keys, give me your phone. He was like don’t move or I’m going to shoot you,” she explained.    

The victim says it was a moment that felt frozen in time.  

“He was like about this close to me and that’s when I’m backing up and I put my purse down in the bush. He takes my purse, my keys, my phone, he takes my I-pad.”  

She says the kids also tried to take her car but struggled with the key and that’s when she says the two armed kids became more aggressive.  

“They seemed like they were scared so they were probably going to end up shooting me, just because they were scared.”  

She says a neighbor pulled up and scared the kids off, back down 14th.  

Police and K-9 responded to the scene, she says they quickly recovered her purse in an alley.  

The details of the robbery were shared within minutes on the East Nashville Neighborhood Watch Facebook page.  

“When I heard 14th and Russel and it was my home, it did hit a little hard,” Ashlinn Romagnoli explained.    

She lives just a couple of doors down from where the robbery happened.  

“It’s so sad you know that either they are messing around and they want to do something like that or that they feel the need to do something like that, either way, it’s terrible,” said Romagnoli.  

The neighborhood is now working on the Neighborhood Watch page to gather video of the robbers.  

Meantime, the victim is already making life changes.  

“Definitely going to go get a gun,” she said explaining that she hopes the kids are caught and turn their lives around.  

“It doesn’t make you look cool. It’s just going to ruin your life.”  

The victim describes the robbers as two young black males; one tall and slim, wearing sweat pants and a hoodie. The younger suspect she says is maybe 5’0″ and doesn’t have any hair.   

Police say they are following strong leads in the case.  

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