Riverside Village residents aren’t happy about proposed townhomes, micro-units

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville is growing, which means changes for some established neighborhoods, and some people aren’t happy about it.

A lot of people who live in the Riverside Village community in East Nashville say they don’t want to see townhomes and micro-units in their neighborhood.

They say they moved to the area because it’s quiet, and they like being within walking distance of the little shops and restaurants along Riverside Drive and McGavock Pike.

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“We’re talking about a lifestyle here; you’re going to take away the soul of this neighborhood and just build a big, ugly monstrosity, I think that’s what everyone’s fearful about,” Zelda Sheldon.

People like Sheldon like their cozy neighborhood the way it is, so they weren’t happy when a developer started demolishing houses last year.

In early February, they received notices about plans to rezone property along Riverside Drive, and “build up to 64 units,” but people who have talked directly to the developer say the number keeps changing.

“There’s been talk about 64, then in the 20s and 16, so that’s pretty wide,” said Sheldon.

The developers plan is to build at least 24 units on three pieces of property where homes once stood, and where one is still standing. That means 24 residences, where three used to be, and people who live in the neighborhood think that’s going to have a big impact on traffic.

“Even if it’s just 24 units, it’s drawing more people into the neighborhood and to me that suggests a lot more cars and it would make it a very congested area,” said Collins Feesel.

One part of the area is already known as “death curve.”

“I’ve hydroplaned on that corner myself. Just driving down on the way up to Kroger on a wet day, hydroplaned and there went my car, hit a pole. One of the neighbors came out and I was distraught and she said this happens all the time,” said Sheldon.

Wednesday night, people who live in the neighborhood met with members of the Metro Planning Commission and their Councilman to get clarification about the proposed development, and let them know how they feel about it.

They told News 2 they were keeping an open mind, but they don’t want anything to change the vibe of this East Nashville community.

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