With some areas receiving 2-3″ of rain on Sunday, especially from the I-65 corridor eastward, many rivers and streams have reached their action and/or flood stage.

The Cumberland is forecast to crest tomorrow evening and finally, fall below Action Stage by Wednesday night.

Hunter’s Point is on Old Hickory Lake (the Cumberland) upstream of Nashville

Note the Cumberland at Hunter’s Point which is upstream of Nashville and Old Hickory Dam (Old Hickory Lake) has peaked (note that this could be affected by generation upstream of Cordell Hull Dam).

Meanwhile, the Duck River at Centerville is still rising and is expected to reach 23 feet Tuesday night before cresting, but not fall below Action Stage until Friday night.

The Harpeth River at both Franklin and Bellevue is expected to crest tonight and fall below Action Stage on Tuesday morning in Franklin, and Tuesday night downstream in Bellevue.

NOTE: These forecasts are subject to change.

To check out some other rivers and streams, go to The National Weather Service’s Hydrology page.