Residents in Antioch neighborhood want solutions to dangerous traffic problem


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a windy road with major problems and those who live there are fed up.  

Pebble Creek Drive and Johnson Pass Drive in Antioch is an intersection with huge issues, neighbors say.  

In 2005, a 13-year-old boy, slammed into a van’s side door on his bike and died, prompting the city to add a three way stop.  

But neighbors tell News 2 the problems continue. They shared their home security footage with us Thursday and said the reckless driving is only getting worse.   

“Every morning I back out of my driveway holding my breath not knowing if someone is going to come over that hill and plow into me,” Kimberly Cates said who lives at the intersection. 

“Our dog has been ran over and hit, my boyfriend has been struck by a car and the stop sign was run over just this past weekend as well as an accident out here Wednesday.” 

She says people drive recklessly, ignore stop signs and even crash. Metro police sent us records, in the past year, they responded 22 times on Pebble Creek Drive.  

Cates says motorists cut through Pebble Creek Drive to get from Murfreesboro Road to Una Antioch to save time and some people, never slow down. “I see about five a day,” Cates said. 

Cates says with the help of council woman, Tanaka Vercher, the neighborhood requested more officers to patrol the area, but their request was denied.  

Cates says that’s likely due to funding and staffing.  

“God love them, they [Metro officers] are doing the best they can, and they have to focus on you know the higher priority crimes.”  

Cates tells News 2, she reported these problems several times to both her Home Owners Association and the city and she says nothing has changed except the speed limit dropping from 30 to 25.  

We obtained minutes from the HOA meeting held in 2018; there, the community came up with solutions; including speed cushions and a traffic audit, but Cates says those solutions never came. 

However, according to records, speed trailers and a third-party company were both utilized to help with track traffic in the area. 

The next move would to be to implement rumble strips. We’re told that’s a possibility in the future.  

She’s hoping someone can do something and this story can prompt change.  

“It takes us to take a stand,” Cates said. “We are the ones that have to speak out this is our neighborhood this is our home this is our community and if we want change to be made were the ones that have to start it.” 

Councilwoman Vercher called News 2 Thursday and said something was in the works to make this intersection safer. We reached back out Friday and have yet to hear back.  

We will update you with details when they become available. 

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