Reporter who fled bison gets his own poster


MONTANA (WKRN/CNN) —Last week, a reporter in Montana got a lot of attention for a very short piece he recorded at Yellowstone National Park.

But it wasn’t intentional — in fact KTVM’s Deion Broxton didn’t even get to start his on camera introduction.

Broxton glanced off camera, saw a bison headed his way and fled — quickly packing up his camera, which was still recording.

He can be heard saying “Oh no, i’m not messing with you.” The video has been viewed millions of times.

Yellowstone National Park service staff turned it into a safety poster featuring a bison silhouette and Broxton’s words, “Oh no, not messing with you.”

While the video was funny, but the park’s message is serious. Broxton made the right decision to respect the bison and keep his distance.

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