Remembering The Draft in Music City with Hatch Show Print memorabilia


Hatch Show Print has been here in Nashville for 140 years and if you were watching the NFL Draft, I’m sure you saw these colorful posters on television and all over town.

Each of the 32 teams in the league was represented in a unique way and originally these posters weren’t for sale. But over the last few weeks, the demand has been so high that Hatch Show Print and the NFL worked together to make them available to fans this week.

Hatch Show Print Manager, Celene Aubry, “You do celebrate the person who goes to the games watches them on TV, supports the team through thick and thin and that’s who you’re speaking to. That’s who you want to love the work and fortunately that is where we had such a groundswell of response.”

You can pre-order now on their website   Individual prints are selling for just $25 or $650 for the entire collection.

For each poster, the shop’s team of designer/printers set the wood and metal type by hand and produced the work on 50- to 100-plus-year-old printing presses.  Hatch Show Print is selling limited quantities so if you want one, you better order it now!

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