Relaunch of Bird scooters frustrates area businesses


Dockless Bird scooters are back in Nashville

It’s another way to get around town, but it’s proving to once again, be a headache for local businesses.

“I love it,” said Kory Nadeau, a scooter rider. “It’s so much more convenient than walking around, even having to Uber because there’s so many all over the place.” 

Same scooters, but new rules. 

“I know you’re supposed to ride in the bike lanes,” he said. 

But, management from businesses like the Omni Hotel downtown said, once again, people like Nadeau who follow the new rules are few and far between.  

“I was driving in this morning, two people on the Lime scooters zipping as fast as they can, in and out of people on sidewalks – it’s bad for business,” said Tod Roadarmel, Area Director of Sales and Marketing for Omni Resorts. 

But it’s not only Bird scooters back on the streets of Nashville, there’s also now Lime scooters that launched just before the weekend. 

“It’s frustrating, it’s just really frustrating,” said Roadarmel. 

The new rules also require helmets and prohibit blocking sidewalks, handicap ramps and building entrances. 

But Roadarmel said he sees violations all the time.  

“Since they relaunch, two, three, four every day outside of Kitchen Notes,” he said. 

Roadarmel said the hotel has to use its own resources to monitor and remove the scooters from the property. 

“I would think before city council would approve something like this, they would come out and ask constituents and hospitality community, what are our thoughts because we have to deal with it every day, 24/7,” he said. 

A concern, Roadarmel said, has just begun. 

“I can’t even think of what’s next,” he said. “But someone will think of something and it’s just bad for business.” 

Lime is also subject to the new regulations. 

Roadarmel added he wants to see even more regulation and more importantly, enforcement. 

To file a complaint with Metro about Bird or Lime, dial 311

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