NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It was a miracle he survived. Randell Stroud was shot in the head in November of 2020.

Some would call it a miracle, but Stroud has deemed it a wake-up call. Stroud is now asking the District Attorney’s Office for mercy.

Allen Crump, 22, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault after a shootout left eight people wounded. The sporadic gunfire rang out downtown last year. According to police, the shooting stemmed from an argument over a dog.

“I remember it like it was this morning,” Stroud told News 2.

The memory is ingrained in his mind. Stroud remembered it as a usual night downtown with friends when suddenly the shootout began.

“Within half a second, a gunshot went off and the first bullet is the one that hit the back of my head,” explained Stroud. “It was just pandemonium. People were just running in different directions.”

Stroud was one of the eight people hit that early Sunday morning.

“I reached around and I touched the back of my head and I did see some blood on my hand,” remembered Stroud.

He quickly ran into a nearby restaurant and remembers the people who stopped to help him stop the bleeding. When the police came to take Stroud’s statement, one officer said, “I was a walking miracle, it dawned on me that I was this close.”

It was a moment that changed Stroud and led him back to the church. Stroud explained afterward he spent several days researching Crump, and his opinion of him changed.

“All the anger fell away from me and I made a decision to drop my testimony and charges against him,” said Stroud.

In a letter to the District Attorney’s office, Stroud dropped his testimony against Crump, writing how he believes “redemption is possible.”

“I’m a changed man because of it, and I hope he’s a changed man because of it,” said Stroud. “Whenever it’s all said and done and his sentencing is over, he’s not going to remember all the charges put on him, but he’s going to remember why did that guy do that.”

Crump is set to appear for sentencing in January 2022.