LA VERGNE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An audio recording caught a mayor in Middle Tennessee cursing and speaking negatively about current and former city leaders and employees.

New 2 obtained the recording, which appears to be the voice of La Vergne Mayor Dennis Waldron, having a conversation about his time in office and some of the people with whom he works.

“I was handed a mess and I’m going to deal with it. When I took office I had six lawsuits staring me in the face. The city was broke and I was $45 million in debt. I’m going to cure the whole thing and then little [expletive] like Box100 and the Rescue Squad, that’s little [expletive] to what I have to deal with,” mayor Waldron is heard saying.

The audio was allegedly recorded in a public setting.

The voices of the other people in the conversation were edited out to protect their identities. News 2 has also chosen to edit out the names of city employees and leaders referenced in the recording.

“I ought to keep [redacted], I ought to get [redacted], I ought to get [redacted] back, I ought to get [blank]. That would be a power house right there. Dumb, dumb and dumbest,” Waldron said.

Much of the conversation focused on former La Vergne mayor Senna Mosley.

“She had [redacted] and [redacted] who didn’t have a clue what was going on and couldn’t put a head up their [expletive] to see what she was doing,” Waldron is heard saying.

News 2 contacted Mayor Waldron. At first, he said he would comment on the recording but after going to La Vergne City Hall to let him hear it, he said he didn’t want to comment after all.

Mayor Waldron said he doesn’t know where the conversation took place, but it wasn’t in the City Hall board room.

He went on to say commenting on the recording would not be good for the city.

News 2 contacted former mayor Mosley to get her reaction. She said, “It saddens me. He won and he should take it and run. This sort of thing tears the city down.”