Real estate agent attacked while hosting open house


ENCINO, Calif. (CNN) — It was a terrifying attack caught on camera.

A realtor in California says it all happened during an open house Sunday.

Even though she does not want to be identified, she is speaking up, hoping to find the man who did this and prevent another attack.

The realtor, who was attacked, said, “I think he would’ve raped me, that’s number one and he would have killed me.”

The realtor, who asked not to be shown on camera and remained anonymous, was showing a home in Encino on Sunday when an attack happened (see the video above) that’s left her leg battered.

The realtor says his name was “Tom” and she got a funny feeling before the attack and moved their conversation to the porch hoping he would leave, but he kept asking questions.

The realtor recounted the events, saying, “He said ‘Well can I show you the closet? ‘ I said ‘No, I’m gonna stand out here.’ So he said, ‘Can I have water?’ I said , ‘The fridge is right there in the kitchen, you can walk, open the fridge.’ And he said, ‘Can I use the bathroom?’ I said, ‘No the owner doesn’t allow anyone to use the bathroom.’”

In the video, you can hear them talk on the porch and the man even looked at the camera twice and took off his hat.

His bald head and face are clearly seen. The realtor says she thinks her attacker may have had a partner. She saw another man walk by before the attack whom she recognized from the open house the previous week.

The man suspected of attacking the real estate agent was arrested Tuesday and two more women say he attacked them too.

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