Ready to buy a boat? Get in line as watercraft shortage picks up


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As the summer heat builds, many Tennesseans are looking to get out on the water. However, those looking to purchase a personal watercraft may find there’s not much inventory to choose from.

According to C&O Marine General Manager Jason Bragg, the lack of inventory can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve got a lot of industry issues in the way that COVID has brought about with part shortages and labor issues and so forth. And so, of course, that’s created delays with most companies,” says Bragg.

Shortages of microprocessors, something that is also plaguing the automobile industry, also impacts the inventory of boats and other watercrafts. “There is some of that the Marine outboards. Nowadays, like car engines, they have a lot of technology, such as microprocessors, and so forth, that have been impacted by that as well.”

Surging interest in boating and other water activities also means there are more buyers. Bragg explains that the wait time can be weeks, “I think realistically, it would be safe to say if you plan to order a boat or a personal watercraft, at least give them a minimum of 90 days and possibly 120. So three to four months.”

Bragg’s advice for those looking to buy is not to hesitate when you find what you are looking for, “The biggest thing is don’t wait. You know, the more time you spend being indecisive, the boat will sell.”

Bragg also adds there’s a high demand for used boats because there’s a short supply of new boats.

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