RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Employees at several businesses in Murfreesboro showed up to work Saturday morning to find their glass doors shattered and money missing.

News 2 found a total of four businesses on South Church Street and Veteran’s Parkway had been broken into during the night Friday.

“The drawers were opened and everything was rummaged through,” said Dean Higbee owner of Southbranch Nursery Co.

Higbee says the burglar broke a back window to get in.

He adds that it appeared the person was looking for cash, which they didn’t have in the nursery office.

However, the burglar did find some at the Hardee’s restaurant next door, where they caught the person on surveillance stealing three cash register drawers.

Across the street, a hair salon and a nail spa were targetted.

Zen Nail and Spa surveillance cameras caught the person wearing a light-colored USATF hoodie and a mask.

The person breaks in through the front glass door with a large rock and spends about ten minutes rummaging through drawers, many of them over and over again.

The spa owners tell News 2 the suspect only made out with a Macbook.

Next door, they took the salon register, which only had about $30 dollars.

“I’m thankful because it could’ve been more,” said Star Shagaines with StarStylez Beauty Studio, “They could’ve taken more, they could’ve destroyed the place — we probably wouldn’t be able to operate business today if they had done more than what they’ve done.”

In addition to Friday night’s burglaries, right across the street, in September, Toot’s was burglarized, and a couple of months before that, several other businesses along the same street were broken into.

Those stores say the burglaries were similar, a hooded suspect throwing a rock through the glass door. They also say the suspects in their cases have not been caught.

“We’ve been in business here for almost 27 years,” Higbee said, “This road was a two-lane road when we started, and now it’s a very, very popular road. Highway 231 goes to Shelbyville and the growth is welcomed, don’t get me wrong, but with growth comes challenges, and I guess you know, uptick in crime is part of that.”

These businesses tell News 2 this is a wake-up call to update surveillance cameras and security systems.

“With all four of these businesses, hopefully, there’s something that could reveal this, and I hope the person gets some help for why they’re doing this too,’ Higbee said.

Murfreesboro Police were not able to provide police reports Saturday. However, News 2 did see a crime detective at the Hardee’s collecting surveillance video.

We will update you when we know more information on a possible suspect.