DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office said detectives are evaluating a piece of metal discovered by a private investigator on Thursday afternoon near the Daniels’ property on Garners Creek Road.

David Marshburn has a history of working missing person cases across the country and returned to Tennessee on Monday to continue his search for clues in the Baby Joe case.

“The reason why I’m here was for Baby Joe and to continue on with trying to find out where he’s at,” Marshburn said.

Once Marshburn found the piece near the Daniels’ property he called police to take a look.

“After I called law enforcement they came out there took it over and then I don’t know what they got after that,” Marshburn said. “They were very receptive and open to what I had to tell them.”

Marshburn previously had a complaint filed against him when he first started searching for pieces to the Baby Joe disappearance. So he says while the timing is not ideal, it was the first time he could return to Tennessee to look for evidence on his own.

“A lot of people say well isn’t this convienient that it’s happened at this time, well I can’t help it. I live in North Carolina,” Marshburn said. “I only have a few days left here in Tennessee until I cannot come back.”

Dickson County detectives tell News 2 they’re not sure if the piece is connected to anything in the Baby Joe disappearance, but they’re looking into it.