Possible solution in the works after South Nashville complex gets hit by persistent flooding


Residents at one South Nashville affordable housing complex are still trying to pick up the pieces after flooding last week forced them out of their homes.

Restoration crews have been gutting out dry wall at Chesnut Flats on Lewis St.

The floods forced 16 residents to evacuate.

But this wasn’t the first time the area has seen flooding.

The 2010 floods hit the complex, followed by floods in the years to come, most recently in last September.

The problem is the complex is in a flood plain, bordering Brown’s Creek.

Lydia Fedchenko said this is her second flood in two years of living at the complex.

“It’s a big disaster,” said Fedchenko. “I have no place to go. I have no help to go. They just called me and I’m looking for some safe place. I cannot live here anymore.”

Lydia’s plea may soon be answered.

Councilman for District 17 Colby Sledge said the issue has been the subject of talks within Metro for several years, but he said the city can’t wait any longer to take action.

Sledge said there are two options:

One – find out if there are resources from the Metro budget to be able to buy the land out as flood buyout property.

Two – swap land with Metro Water and the landlord so they can then build new affordable housing elsewhere.

Sledge said this is the first time Metro is going to try for dedicated funding or a specific land swap.

“I’m working right now, I’ve been having calls with Metro Water and with the landlord to see what’s possible,” said Sledge. “I think all the parties are willing, but we got to move quickly and we do need something in the budget. We need to have those conversations over the next couple of months.”

Other properties on Lewis Street, like Radnor Flats, have also seen persistent flooding over the years.

Sledge said he’ll see if this approach works for Chesnut Flats, and that could become a solution for other properties in that area, as well.

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