PORTLAND, Tenn. (WKRN) — Many parents in Portland received an unwanted surprise when checking their children’s bags of candy Halloween night.

Pictures of multi-colored candy shaped like male genitalia were posted in a Portland community Facebook group to warn others.

Portland Halloween candy
(Courtesy: Randy Hall and Amy Coleman)

“I was just floored, oh my goodness, because you don’t expect that but you never know what to expect,” said Amy Coleman, who posted a picture on Facebook. Her neighbor discovered the candy in each of her children’s bags. “I made the post on HIP Portland because I just feel like if it was next door it could have been in anyone else’s bags and apparently there were different styles in some of the bags.”

Several commented calling the situation “disgusting,” “sick” and “cruel.”

Parents believe it came from a house in the Irish Oaks subdivision.

“That’s our first year trick-or-treating there and that’s probably going to be our last,” Coleman said.

News 2 reached out to the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office and Portland police. The sheriff’s office said they are not involved. Portland police said they have not received any official complaints and therefore, they are not currently investigating the incident.

“If don’t feel safe about it, throw it out double check and triple check,” Coleman said. “Anything that was open got thrown away. Anything that looked bad it got thrown away so you know I am real skiddish when it comes to that sort of stuff.”