POLL: Were you bullied in school?


Bullying has gotten a lot of attention in recent years – and rightfully so. 

The federal government even has a website dedicated to the issue.

Stopbullying.gov offers parents advice on bullying prevention and other resources.

It even links out to a special section on Tennessee, covering bullying laws and policies in the state. 

But bullying will seemingly never go away.

Next week, News 2 digs deeper into this issue with special reports all day Thursday in every newscast. We’ll cover laws, parental rights – and bullying in the workplace. 

We’d like you to weigh in. Were you bullied in school? 

Vote on our home page, or vote below. Click here to vote from the News 2 app. 

You can also leave comments on our Facebook page with your thoughts about bullying and issues you may have faced because of it. 

Total votes:  1,140

Yes   60%

No    40%

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