POLL: Should the NFL shorten preseason & expand regular season to 18 games?

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The push to an 18-game schedule is back in the NFL, and this time the owners are not pulling any punches.

“I’m not sure, talking to the coaches, that four preseason games [are] necessary anymore to get ready for a season, to evaluate players, to develop players,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday, beginning to lay the groundwork for trashing the preseason. “There are other ways of doing that. We’ve had a lot of discussion about, and I feel like what we should be doing is always of the highest quality –and I’m not sure preseason games meet that level right now.”

News 2 Sports Director Cory Curtis wrote in an editorial about the proposal: 

“Are preseason games as good as regular season games? Absolutely not, but no one ever said they were supposed to be. Wins and losses, game-winning drives, creating new schemes are not part of the preseason schedule.

The preseason is about developing and recognizing talent in game situations — it serves a purpose even if that purpose is not as “sexy” as the regular season.”

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