NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Medical cannabis is set to face a vote Wednesday in full committee on Capitol Hill.

The bill would allow an oil form of cannabis for medical purposes.

The vote comes as a new poll suggests House and Senate candidates should embrace legalizing medical marijuana.

The survey, by lead campaign pollster for President Donald Trump, Fabrizio, Lee & Associates, shows 77 perccent of 2018 voters nationwide have a favorable opinion of legalizing medical marijuana, an opinion proponents we spoke to said candidates shouldn’t ignore.

“Nothing is surprising about this poll,” said State Rep. Jeremy Faison. Faison helped to introduce the medical cannabis bill in January.

“From Vanderbilt to our own polling, around 75-80 percent of Tennessee agrees with what we’re doing,” said Faison.

On the other hand, 15 percent of voters had an unfavorable opinion of legalizing medical marijuana.

The opposition mainly comes from the medical industry, drug companies, and law enforcement.

“My concern here, is politicians for whatever reason, some chose to vote against their constituents,” said Mary Parker, President of the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Alliance.

Parker said going against the majority with this bill jeopardizes not only patients, but also the candidates, themselves.

“In this tumultuous political time, nobody has certainty in their seats and if you’re going to vote against a strong poll, a majority of people in favor of medical marijuana, you jeopardize your position,” said Parker.

Parker said according to her sources, so far, the bill has support with five ‘yes’ votes without question, four ‘no’ votes, and two likely ‘yes’ votes.