State rep supports medical marijuana but wants Tennessee to be strict


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN/WATE) – There is a new push for medical marijuana in Tennessee. State Democrats voted to support the legalization of medical marijuana, and a few republicans have also said they support the measure.

State Rep. Jeremy Faison has been outspoken in his support of medical marijuana. However, he says he wants Tennessee to have one of the strictest medical marijuana bills in America.

“Hopefully if we can get this through next year, the only thing that would be legal would be the use of the oil. You wouldn’t be able to have edibles, you wouldn’t be able to smoke it,” said State Representative (R) Jeremy Faison.

Two years ago, the legislature allowed cannabis oil treatments for patients in Tennessee. The current law allows for .03 percent of cannabis oil, but you have to get it from outside the state.

Another issue representative Faison adds is that many people with serious medical conditions need more than that concentration.

“Give them the freedom of using this plant that’s a natural botanical, that God put on this planet, for somebody that they love,” said Faison. “This botanical offers life to a lot of sick Tennesseans,” he continued.

Faison and other supporters want the ability to grow the Marijuana plant in the state. Manufacturing only the oil and distributing it at dispensaries.

While Faison believes it is safer than opioids and prescription drugs, state senator, Richard Briggs disagrees as a heart surgeon.

“The legislature shouldn’t practice medicine. I’m not sure we have the expertise on our committees to determine whether the medication is safe. What the dosages are. Who do we report side effects, complications, interactions with other medicines for. We have a national organization that does that. It’s called the Food and Drug Administration,” said State Senator Richard Briggs.

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