State audit finds campaign finance violations by Jeremy Durham


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An audit conducted by the state of Tennessee has found that former Representative Jeremy Durham violated campaign finance law and regulations.

Durham was expelled from the Legislature in September 2016 in a 70-2 vote following a scathing report by the Tennessee Attorney General that said 22 Capitol Hill women were subjected his harassment and inappropriate behavior.

The report looked at Durham’s campaign activities for the House of Representatives, District 65, from the beginning of the 2014 election cycle through 2016. The objective of the report was to determine his compliance with provisions of campaign finance disclosure and contribution limit laws and regulations.

It found he had several campaign finance violations, including failing to report campaign contributions, receiving contributions over campaign limits, and failing to accurately disclose the names of several contributors.

The audit report noted twelve different violations by Durham:

  • Failing to report $36,334.95 in campaign contributions
  • Reporting $4,600 in contributions where the associated funds cannot be identified as being deposited into a bank account
  • Failing to report $10,632.70 in interest earned on campaign funds and depositing $1,637.50 of that interest into his personal account.
  • Receiving $5,500 in contributions over the campaign limits
  • Reporting $6,500 of contributions intended for PACs he controlled as contributions to his campaign account.
  • Failing to accurately disclose the names of several contributors.
  • Failing to accurately report campaign expenditures.
  • Disbursing $10,176.35 in campaign funds for prohibited activities.
  • He made cash withdrawals and reimbursements to himself in the amount of $11,927.43 from campaign funds without support
  • Reimbursed $7,702.07 in expenses to himself from his campaign account that were also reimbursed by the State of Tennessee
  • Failed to retain sufficient expense records to determine whether all expenditures were allowable.
  • Disbursed $64,800 for promissory and convertible note activity which appears to be unallowable.

The report was issued by the Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance Registry of Election Finance. Click here to read the full audit of Jeremy Durham.

Durham has said that his expulsion was unconstitutional and that he will file a lawsuit against state officials.

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