Rep. Casada ‘confident’ of winning bid for Tenn. House Speaker


Republican Representative Glen Casada says he’s “confident” of winning the powerful position of Tennessee House Speaker. 

His words come in a wide-ranging interview with News 2 just a day after announcing his expected bid to replace retiring Speaker Beth Harwell. 

“I feel very confident in winning based on the conversations, based on the urgings I have had from the House Republicans to run,” said Casada. 

Casada is currently House Republican Leader, but in an email Wednesday to his members, the Williamson County lawmaker announced what he would do as speaker. 

It began with promised changes to the state’s budget process to determine where dollars are spent in critical areas, like education or public safety. 

“Under my leadership, my intent is with the Republicans and Democrats together, create a budget that has the people’s voice on it, not simply be the executive branch,” said Casada. 

That would mean a stronger House say on the budget Tennessee governors propose each year to lawmakers. 

Speakers also hold much power in appointing committee where bills often live or die. 

“What I am looking for is conservative, pro-business, small tax, low regulation – the best person that fits that will be chairing the committees and sub-committees,” added Rep. Casada. 

Casada also said that as speaker, he would protect and re-elect incumbents, “regardless of where you stand on issues.” 

The Republican House lawmakers select their nominee for speaker during an election in late November. 

The speaker will come from Republican ranks because they number nearly three-quarters of the House. 

Well-known Republican Representatives David Hawk and Curtis Johnson have also formally announced a bid for speaker. 

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