Former Vanderbilt professor and conservative Dr. Carol Swain has announced her candidacy for Nashville mayor.  

She made the announcement Sunday during her keynote speech at a faculty breakfast at Tennessee State University.  

Swain will run against current Nashville Mayor David Briley in the election set for Aug. 1.  She came in a strong second to Mayor Briley in the special mayoral election in May 2018.

“The city of Nashville deserves a mayor that is committed to making commonsense improvements that will enrich our community,” said Swain. “It is a disgrace that under the leadership of our current mayor, Nashville has the highest debt per citizen of any city in the nation, teachers remain under paid, we lack affordable housing, all while traffic and infrastructure problems clog our streets.”

“What I can promise you are transparency and an achievable plan for protecting the character and culture of Nashville while bringing prosperity to our city,” said Swain. ”I am asking our community to stand and Be the People for Nashville. To stand up against a failed mayor and make the right choice for our city.”