Blackburn counting on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill support in potential race with Corker


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The chatter about Senator Bob Corker running again is reaching a feverish pitch.

It comes as former Congressman Stephen Fincher dropped out of the Republican U.S. Senate Primary Friday urging Corker to re-enter.

Despite that, Congressional member and Republican Senate candidate, Marsha Blackburn, is counting on a lot of support up on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill.

Within moments of Fincher’s announcement, there were tweets of support for Blackburn from Middle Tennessee State Senator Jack Johnson, followed by representatives from east and west Tennessee with no mention of Corker.

Earlier last week, Blackburn’s campaign spokesperson called anyone who doesn’t think Marsha can win a “sexist pig,” and talk of Corker running again coming from, “ego-driven, tired old men.”

Corker was not having any part of it Friday when he simply said, “Nothing has changed at present. Thank you for asking” to the question from News 2 after the groundbreaking for Clarksville’s Google dater center.

The senator’s introduction moments earlier by Google CEO Sundar Pichai could have been written as a campaign pitch.

“As you all know, Senator Corker is a great advocate for the State of Tennessee and as chairman of the senate committee on foreign relations. He has been a tireless advocate for billions of internet users around the world,” the Google CEO said.

Corker chose the groundbreaking of the data center to make his first public appearance in Tennessee since word he might reconsider a third senate term

While not addressing his future, the senator did joke about his IQ.

“I can tell everyone in the audience that the intelligence quotient just dropped tremendously as I stepped to the podium,” laughed Corker as the Google CEO stepped down.

Former Governor Phil Bredesen, who is running on the Democrat side for the senate seat, dismissed talk of facing his old friend Corker.

“This changes nothing,” his campaign spokesperson said in a statement. “Phil Bredesen got in this race to be a true representative for the people on Tennessee, not to run against anyone.”

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