Rewritten bills on medical cannabis and opioids, along with the release of the governor’s school security recommendations, top the Tennessee legislative agenda this week.

First, the drama over medical cannabis overshadowed a compromise of sorts on an opioid bill.

“They are stuck in reefer madness,” thundered medical cannabis House Sponsor Jeremy Faison.

His fiery words came as he essentially gutted the medical cannabis bill while trying to get it through a full house committee.

Left for the moment is a bill that only “decriminalizes” the use of medical cannabis oil for 15-conditions like cancer or Parkinson’s, but one of the things to watch this week is if Rep. Faison tries to restore the massive bill as it faces a committee vote again Wednesday.

“I would not be surprised if this changes again,” Rep. Faison told News 2 last week.

There’s also word of changes to the Governor Bill Haslam’s opioid bill.

Instead of strict five day prescription limits to cut abuse, an amendment attached last week calls for different limits of three to 10 days, along with differing dosage levels.

The governor indicated earlier this month he would call a special session if lawmakers adjourn before acting on a comprehensive opioid bill.

Then there is the issue of school safety, which has been deemed a top priority from the governor.

His working group on the issue wrapped up their work Thursday. The group’s recommendations for lawmakers are expected this early this week.