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Harwell releases first ever medical cannabis ad from a candidate for governor

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell hopes to make medical cannabis an issue that can win her votes in the fiercely competitive governor's race. 

During a news conference Friday morning at the state capitol, she highlighted her support with a new ad focused on her support for medical cannabis. 

"I think medical should happen should happen, don't we agree?" says Donald Trump in the ad while he was running for president in 2015. 

Harwell's ad is likely the first ever political commercial on medical cannabis or marijuana from a candidate for Tennessee governor. 

"As governor, I will pursue this option that is right for Tennessee and has overwhelming citizen support," said Harwell during the gathering to highlight her new commercial. 

Harwell this past year supported unsuccessful efforts to allow non-smokeable oil-based cannabis for a wide range of severe conditions such as cancer or seizures. 

She was also brought some physicians for a second opinion. 

"(Cannabis) is a naturally occurring plant that has incredible medicinal purposes." said Franklin orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeff Cook. 

"This is something that can help minimize the use of opioids in our society," added immunologist Dr. Bruce Wolf. 

The three other major Republican contenders for governor remain a no on medical cannabis. 

Randy Boyd, Diane Black and Bill Lee have all said federal approval or more research is needed for medical cannabis. 

Both Democrats Karl Dean and Craig Fitzhugh running for governor are supportive of cannabis use for medical purposes. 

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