Corker says he ‘doubts’ Trump will run for re-election in 2020

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Retiring U.S. Tennessee Senator Bob Corker is not going away quietly. 

After a prayer breakfast in Nashville Friday, there were more eye-opening comments about President Trump, Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen. 

While seeming hesitant at first, Senator Corker went further with his comments Thursday about not knowing if President Trump will run again. 

“Do I think the president is going to run? I kind of doubt it to be honest,” said Corker. “But we’ll see. He may.” 

The two-term senator, who is presently chair of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, talked about his relationship with President Trump after they briefly traded Twitter insults last year. 

“He is on the phone literally until late, late at night talking to people all over the country. He is up early in the morning watching television, calling people and he gets a lot of unconventional input,” said Sen. Corker.  

He continued, “And for that reason–he changes his mind a lot. He changes his mind multiple times during the day, so some of that has created somewhat of a chaotic rollout of some of the policies but generally speaking we have made a lot of progress in the last year and a half.” 

The president made news Thursday for Tennesseans saying he would campaign with Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn in her bid for Corker’s soon-to-be vacant seat. 

The senator was asked about campaigning with her against his old friend Phil Bredesen, the former governor who is seeking the Democrat nomination for Corker’s seat. 

Bredesen and Corker have long sought each other’s advice as personal friends and politicians. 

They worked together to bring the NFL’s Houston Oilers to Tennessee when Corker was Tennessee state government finance commissioner and Bredesen Nashville mayor. 

The two teamed up again to help land a VW plant in Chattanooga when Bredesen was governor and Corker in the early years of being in the Senate. 

“I don’t plan on campaigning against someone I have known for a long time, that’s not anything other than respect,” Corker said.  

While saying he recently he made a “maximum” contribution to Blackburn, Corker had a few more words for his fellow Republican after saying he was asked to re-consider his retirement plans and run again. 

“I plan to vote for her,” added the Senator in his most definitive statement yet about supporting Blackburn 

As for the recently passed tax bill affecting that he’s criticized, r Corker said, “It’s going to take 10 years to see if we have the economic growth projected” and then “I hope it’s the best vote I ever cast.” 

It’s just the latest installment in the tale of Tennessee’s topsy-turvy political year. 

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