Police: Security guard claims she’s an officer while getting pulled over


SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Columbia woman spent the night in jail after she allegedly told a Spring Hill judge she was a Metro police officer after getting a speeding ticket.

Dorothy Bryant is now charged with criminal impersonation.

According to Detective Mike Foster, the 43-year-old woman stood in open court Tuesday and told the judge she was a police officer. But Foster said records indicate she is actually a security guard who is not authorized to carry a gun.

Investigators said the case against Bryant all began Oct. 20 when she was pulled over for going 50 in a 35 mph zone.

On Tuesday, she appeared in court for the citation where she told the judge she was a police officer.

“I plead guilty to it, but my defense on that is I acknowledged to the police officer here in Spring Hill that I am also a police officer, and my supervisor told me that police officers don’t give other police officers tickets. Well, apparently you guys don’t feel that way – your defense is we will give you a ticket if we think it is justifiable,” she said, according to an audio transcript.

The judge told Bryant that it “doesn’t make any difference.”

“The police officer who pulled me over, I explained to him I am a Metro cop,” she said.

On Bryant’s Facebook page, there are pictures of her in her security uniform, and two days after getting the speeding ticket she posted, “I am a police officer. I arrest people for breaking the law.”

Weeks later she posted, “I am a police officer. I arrest people for breaking the law.”

And just last week, she wrote, “I am a police officer. It’s who I am.”

News 2 spotted Bryant’s car, which is covered with pro-police decals and a security guard uniform was inside.

Foster said there is no evidence that Bryant pulled over anyone or acted as a police officer.

“Well, obviously we don’t want people running around saying they are what they aren’t,” he said. “I don’t claim to be a doctor. It’s not something you do if you are a professional.”

News 2 reached out to Bryant while she was in jail. She refused to speak.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said the criminal impersonation charge, a misdemeanor, is her only criminal infraction in the state.

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