GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Gallatin police say it’s one of the easiest cases they’ve ever solved.

That’s because the suspects videotaped themselves allegedly buying and selling drugs and then unbelievably, livestreamed that criminal activity on the internet.

Because of the video and the good work of a rookie cop, one man is in jail and authorities are now seeking five others.

The Gallatin Police Department exclusively showed the Sept. 27 video to News 2.

It shows two young men in a 2005 Kia Optima driving, listening to music, throwing gang signs, and allegedly selling and buying drugs.

Police have identified five of the six people in the video.

One of the suspects is 22-year-old Deon Fields, who was reportedly behind the wheel.

Officials arrested him Thursday night and charged him with being in possession of marijuana and 2 grams of cocaine, driving on a revoked license, and criminal trespassing.

Police also seized the car they say he was driving.

In the video, Fields’ friend Quantez Smith can be seen in the passenger seat.

The 22 year old now has a warrant for similar charges including evading arrest, driving on a revoked license, possession of marijuana, and violation of probation.

Gallatin police say both men are members of a gang known as the Get Money Boys.

According to Janell Wilson with Gallatin police, the video reportedly showed a number of crimes in progress. It was posted by Smith through Facebook live.

Field and Smith are also accused of trespassing at an apartment complex where they had no permission to be.

Police say they have been working diligently to patrol the complex where there has been a rash of crimes recently, including gunfire and children robbed.

Gallatin police told News 2 the video showed Fields and Smith driving up to an unidentified man wearing a Chicago Bears jersey. He reportedly handed him money and was given drugs. Authorities are asking for the public’s help identifying this man now wanted for at least criminal trespassing.

Officials also have warrants for the arrest of a man shown in the video driving a red car. His name is Ryhiem Crawford. According to investigators, the 19 year old threw a package at Fields who had to get out of his car to retrieve it.

Police say this is a drug deal caught on live video.

“He probably didn’t know, but he will now,” Wilson told News 2.

Thanks to Smith’s internet skills, officers also have warrants for a man in an orange shirt named Bill Bell Jr., whose an alleged gang member also wanted for criminal trespassing.

Finally, officials are looking for Josten Bell, a man with glasses who leaned in the window to talk to Smith and Fields.

Police say the 22 year is also wanted for criminal trespassing.

Of the six suspects, only Fields is behind bars.

Anyone with information on the crime is urged to call the Gallatin Police Department at 615- 452-1313.News 2 is committed to tracking crime across Middle Tennessee. Visit for the latest.