Suspects in Portland car burglary caught on camera


PORTLAND, Tenn. (WKRN) – Portland Police need your help tonight locating some unusual car burglars who spent an extraordinary amount of time breaking a car window to steal a purse.

Police say these slow-motion bandits are either very indecisive or very nervous.

This crime happened Tuesday morning in a parking lot at 509 South Broadway in Portland. It was around 11 am and surveillance cameras outside the ACE Hardware store show a newer Arcadia casing the parking lot.

The vehicle enters at 11:02 am. The driver goes right for a Lexus SUV and backs next to it.

The male bandit in the front seat gets out, looks into the vehicle, then gets back in the Acadia as cars come and people walk around.

At one point the Acadia moves to another spot in the parking lot and stops.

6 minutes later at 11:08 am, the bad guys get nervous and circle the lot.

They stop behind the target vehicle once again, stopping behind it, and blocking the main driveway.

The Acadia remains there suspiciously for the next 5 minutes.

By this time, 13 minutes have elapsed.

At this point, the bandit in the red jacket with the identifiable logo on the back appears to panic when he sees a customer walking by. He retreats to the Acadia, yet again.

The burglary is so unusual, that at one point, a patron wants to back his pick up out of a parking slot, so the Acadia pulls forward. When the pickup leaves, the Acadia pulls back, once again blocking the path of the driveway and the target vehicle.

Finally, at 11:22 am, some 20 minutes after the car burglary began, the man in the red jacket attempts to open the Lexus door using a slim jim. Police suspect by accident, the inept bandit breaks the car window. The thief steals a purse left on the seat.

Sadly for the car owner, they return to find broken glass and a real mess.

Police say the bandits got a purse with 40 dollars and credit cards that were canceled before they could use them.

Det. Jason Arnold says, ” this could be as simple as a gang initiation or 2 junkies who need a score to get some dope.”

The suspect vehicle is a newer model GMC Acadia with Tennessee tags.

So far it has not shown up on the radar of other police agencies.

If you recognize the suspects or vehicle call Portland police at (615)325-3434.

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