MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Police say an angry customer at a KFC restaurant put innocent lives in danger because there was an issue with his order.

Investigators say that customer went through the drive-through of a KFC on Winchester Road in Hickory Hill on Saturday, then went back to the restaurant minutes later because his order was wrong.

Investigators say the man got out of a semi-truck he was driving and walked up to the drive-through window demanding a refund. Surveillance video shows an employee giving the man his money back but, according to police, the customer was still upset and fired shots into the restaurant while driving away.

The bullets shattered a side window and penetrated several walls. Thankfully, no one was hit by gunfire.

“It’s horrible. Could have been kids in there. He could have killed a lot of innocent people,” said Noah Hinkston, who lives in the area. “I mean, that’s just despicable. Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. You shouldn’t take it to that level, over some, I guess, chicken.”

Investigators are still looking for that customer. They posted pictures of him and the semi-truck he was driving on social media. Hinkston hopes he gets caught and gets some help.