Police: Man secretly recorded people in bathroom at Ohio business


WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A trip to the restroom quickly turned into a nightmare for a family in Warren.

Warren Police Detective Nick Carney said the owner of Bones Tires on Niles Road SE called investigators after finding a hidden phone in the restroom. That phone was secretly recording video.

A girl found the camera while she was in the bathroom. She heard a phone vibrating and looked over to where the sound was coming from – inside a piece of fabric in the trash can which had a hole cut for the camera lens.

The camera was recording video.

According to a police report, the suspect is seen on the video placing the phone in the trash can. Upon going through the phone, the owner said he found videos of other family members.

“Right now, all I can say is I have a box full of evidence… a box full of evidence of recording devices,” Detective Carney said.

The owner confronted the employee – a close family friend – who was believed to be responsible. He apologized and said he had a “problem,” the police report stated.

Investigators are now looking for the suspect, who they want to question about the devices.

Police are also working with prosecutors on possible charges.

Carney said they currently have about seven victims, who are worried about these videos ending up on the internet.

“That’s going to be our next step of the investigation, is figuring out if it was sent out, how it was sent out and who sent it out and where it was received,” he said.

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