Police: Man found in hospital with 18 iPads missing from Ensworth


A man who was being treated in the hospital after a car crash was found with 18 stolen iPads, according to Metro Police.

The crash happened in January but Scott Austin Marks was just arrested and charged with burglary.

Metro Police say Marks was involved in a car crash and had to be taken to the hospital. While there, someone found Marks’ backpack had 18 iPads in it  and most of those had Ensworth School decals on them.

The arrest affidavit doesn’t say who made this discovery, but whoever it was, called police and officers started investigation. Officers questioned Marks who said he bought the iPads at a gas station somewhere near downtown.

The night before Marks’ car crash, Metro Officers were called to the Ensworth School in reference to a burglary. There, officers found out 18 iPads were missing from a classroom.

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