MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputy found more than just the burglar alarm going off at a home; he ended up busting a marijuana grow operation.

On Jan. 30, a Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the Cataract Drive home and talked with a man who claims he had moved in two weeks ago and didn’t know the code to the alarm.

The deputy did a protective sweep of the home to make sure everything was okay and no one was inside.

He reportedly smelled the scent of marijuana and noticed a bag and a container of pot along with a water bong on the coffee table.

The deputy asked the man for his ID and his hands shook uncontrollably as he took his wallet out.

The deputy then heard the floor creak upstairs.

He went up and allegedly found two dogs sleeping and a room with pots of marijuana and larger plants in a closet in buckets with heat lamps around them.

Deputies tried calling the owner of the home, Michael Jasenovic, but he didn’t answer the phone.

He later came home, was questioned, and arrested for operating a marijuana grow operation.

News 2 went by the home Friday afternoon and spoke with Jasenovic.

“I have no comment about the situation, none, okay? I don’t even want to discuss this,” Jasenovic said.

He was surprised that News 2 even found out about the arrest.

“I just didn’t think that is would something that would have caught the eye of the media,” he said.

But it surely caught the attention of his neighbors.

“[Deputies] had the inside opened, all the windows, they had the garage up, they had furniture moved out of the way,” said neighbor Brian Christopher.

“That’s kind of scary to know that was going on right down the street; we had no idea,” said neighbor Neidra Christopher. I guess they put on a good front because we never would have guess in a million years that something like that was going on – on our street.”

The Christophers’ moved from Memphis six months ago to get away from all the crime and to find a safe neighborhood for their children.

“We came here specifically because of the quietness; when we moved in people were bringing us banana pudding,” Brian Christopher said. “It was that ole style that you expect… And then seeing all the cars up there was crazy.”

According to sheriff’s officials, Jasenovic told them his roommate had nothing to do with it, and he took full responsibility for the drugs.

That roommate was not arrested.

Narcotic detectives are now leading this investigation.