Police: Dozens of cars burglarized in Sumner County


SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Sumner County law officers are working overtime this week trying to keep up with car burglars who broke into as many as five dozen cars over the weekend.

Sadly, this is the same story you hear all the time.

Bad guys driving up and down streets, jumping out and tugging on car doors.

If the doors are locked, the bad guys move on.

If the doors open up, the bandits stop and take what they can.

Lt. Jason Arnold said not one window was broken and more than fifty vehicles that were accessed were unlocked.

The crime spree happened early Sunday morning.

That’s when detectives told News 2, young thieves hit sleeping neighborhoods in Portland and Gallatin.

Lt. Arnold said, “In this day and age it blows my mind that people leave their cars unlocked, but they do. it makes a great target for these guys and in the dead of night they are trying to be as quiet as they can, they are just looking for a car they can get into quietly and move on.”

Arnold shared video with News 2 from both Portland and Gallatin.

One video of a Portland subdivision shows a Nissan Maxima stolen from Chattanooga pulling into a cul-de-sac. Two bandits hop out, only to be surprised that a resident is awake and smoking a cigarette. The duo get back in the car and take off.

In another video, a thief is seen inside a Jeep taking whatever he can find.

Surveillance photos showed the thieves yanking on car doors, and racing around people’s property in the dark of night.

Sadly, police said the owner of another brand new Jeep left the keys in the vehicle, which the bad guys stole. That Jeep is still unaccounted for.

Police told News 2 that the thieves rummaged through at least 50 cars in Portland and a dozen more in Gallatin. Detectives said at least 5 handguns were taken from those cars.

A local resident who heard about the car burglaries was shocked. “oh that’s horrifying,” Jessica Auclair said. The woman was not victimized. She said she has a guard dog and surveillance cameras watching her property. And most of all, she makes sure everything is locked.

“That’s crazy. And I think you should lock your car that is a good start.”

If you recognize the suspects call Portland Police at (615) 325-3434.

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