Police connect with Ring users through app to solve crime


(WKRN) — Police departments are utilizing technology to help fight neighborhood crime. An app designed for Ring doorbell users is now able to connect public safety agencies with those homeowners to solve suspicious activity.

“It’s really useful for us in investigations, it helps us solve crimes,” Hendersonville Police Sgt. Neal Harris said. “We use video evidence in almost every case that we work now a days.”

Anyone with the Neighbors app can publish security footage and comment between users. But police are also given the added privilege to request assistance for specific crimes they’re looking for video of in an area.

“Where we’ve used it in the past it’s been maybe a vehicle burglary in a neighborhood and we ask the neighbors through the neighbors app please send us your video,” Mt. Juliet Police Capt. Tyler Chandler said.

Police say it’s become an extremely useful and efficient way to solve neighborhood crimes quickly. And community members commonly accept the request for footage in order to help.

“When we’re doing an investigation there may not be any video on there that’s posted. Because people who live in that community may not know that that crime occurred or they may not even realize their cameras may be beneficial,” Harris said.

Neighbors app users can deny police any footage that’s been requested. And any posts or comments do not show specific personal information like addresses and names on the app.

Police do urge community members if they see something suspicious in their area to still call police for an officer to come check out the situation.

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