NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — Your car is a convenient place to store things, but police are begging you to remove your valuables because more than 900 guns have been stolen from vehicles in Nashville this year.

Last month someone shattered Russell Marshall’s car window in his own driveway.

“I wasn’t thinking that would actually happen,” Marshall said. “I saw the window right there in the grass by the car and I’m like ‘okay, what’s going on?'”

It happened around 4 a.m. on Sept. 24 outside his Hermitage townhome. The thief got away with his pistol and a full magazine.

Neighborhood surveillance cameras captured two masked people checking door handles of other cars on the street around the same time Marshall’s was broken into. So far, no arrests have been made and the stolen gun has not been recovered.

“I didn’t really have nothing else in there, and they got the gun. Lesson learned,” Marshall said.

Metro Police say car burglaries often turn into car thefts. Last week investigators say 71% of cars stolen were easy targets because their keys were left inside. Of the 62 vehicles stolen, seven of them were left running without the driver present.

“Just be more alert. Be more alert,” Marshall said.

Marshall says now he’s installed his own security cameras and will be storing his guns inside his home to prevent this from happening again.

Metro Police say most stolen cars and guns end up being used in additional crimes like carjackings and robberies.