Pillowcases of snakes dumped outside British fire station


(CNN) — Heads up if you get squeamish, here’s a photo of 16 snakes that were found stuffed in a pillowcase!

This is the second pillowcase of snakes that’s been dumped outside of Farringdon Fire Station in Sunderland, England.

The first one was found Thursday with 13 royal pythons and this pillowcase was found Saturday, in the exact same spot, with 15 corn snakes and a carpet python.

They were all in pretty good shape when they were found but folks from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals say things could have ended very differently.

Snakes need heat, light, and space to survive and– clearly– were lacking all three when they were shoved into pillowcases.

Now officials are trying to figure out who would dump all these snakes and then just slither away.

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