Pet Pals of Maury County advocates for animal welfare


 A special animal welfare organization in Maury County is doing so much to help animals and their humans, too.

It’s called Pet Pals of Maury County, and although they aren’t a rescue, they do everything they can for animals.

Pet Pals has a special fund called the Angel Fund, where they can help local shelters and animal control when there are sick or injured animals.

For example, Scrappy Mew is a kitten that was rescued after being thrown from a car. Scrappy Mew was only 1 lb and in terrible shape, but thanks to the Angel Fund, her life was saved and she is now ready to be adopted. 

Pet Pals also runs a food bank for pets, specifically pets who come from low-income senior homes.  

“We also feed about 70 pets a week that belong to low-income senior citizens. We have partnered with the Maury County Senior Center and Meals on Wheels to do that,” said Sonjalynn Dickson-Rine, with Pet Pals.

“And this time of year we offer free bails of straw for those animals that have to stay outside that have a dog house, or a little cat colony. You can get a free bail of straw at no cost to you. We recommend that you fill that dog house or kitty condo about half way full of straw, keep the rest of the straw dry and you can refill it throughout the winter.”  

Low-cost spay, neuter and rabies vaccines are also available for animals in need.

“Pet Pals we are a great of animal lovers and volunteers. And if it’s a dire case we can even offer free. You must live in Maury County or either side of Spring Hill,” said Dickson-Rine.

The hope is to keep animals in their homes, as long as those homes are loving and caring. If someone just can’t afford to feed their animal, that’s when Pet Pals wants to help.

“We also look out for people too, because keeping your pet in your home is good for senior citizens. That’s their constant companion, helps them get out and get some exercise and socialization,” said Dickson-Rine. 

There’s a new partnership Pet Pals developed along with the Maury County Fire and Rescue and Police Departments.

If there’s an accident or emergency situation, the animals won’t just be taken to the shelter. It’s called our Safety Net Program, if an animal is involved in an accident, they can be taken to a vet to be checked out as well.

Dickson-Rine remembers a specific accident recently where the program was appreciated. “It was a big relief to the family that the child was being taken care of, the mom was being taken care of and the puppy was being taken care of, too.” 

Pet Pals overall goal is just to help animals, whether that be through advocacy, feeding animals or helping sick and injured ones. If you are interested in receiving assistance from Pet Pals, they are very active on their Facebook page or they can be reached at 931-797-9191. 

Scrappy Mew is available for adoption through the Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue. 

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