(CNN) — Listen up you peeps-loving peeps! There are peeps jellybeans now! Plus, Peeps released five new flavors:

  • Root beer float
  • Froot loops
  • Hot tamales fierce cinnamon
  • Raspberry dipped in creme-flavored fudge
  • Chocolate pudding bunnies.

There are also mini-peeps– individually wrapped chicks small enough to fit inside Easter eggs.

The animal-shaped marshmallows are an Easter basket staple.

Even though they can be a little controversial– you either love ’em or hate ’em.

But if you’re in the “Love ’em” category– it’s going to be peeps heaven for you this spring.

Kellogg’s is making peeps cereal again–

Also, International Delight will put out peeps-flavored coffee creamer again too.