NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)- Hundreds of flights cancelled, and passengers left stranded, it’s the reality for many across the U.S., including some in Nashville. It’s causing major headaches for passengers, after Spirit Airlines, and American Airlines scrapped multiple arrivals and departures.

“I sat in line for about two hours waiting to change my ticket and Nashville airport was not fully prepared,” said Taylor Sorenson.

Since Sunday, Sorenson has been trying to make it back to Las Vegas from Nashville. She came to the Music City to spend time with her family in Manchester. However, the short trip turned into a headache, when her flight was cancelled several times.

“We got back to our gate, just to be told that our flight was cancelled,” remembered Sorenson, “about 15 minutes later, we were told that our flight was cancelled again.”

On Wednesday, Spirit Airlines cancelled more than half of its flights. In a statement from Spirit Airlines, the company says cancellations should start dropping starting Thursday. The change comes as lines in airports have decreased “substantially as we make progress on the re-accommodations following the cancellations.”

“The most frustrating part is that I was mentally prepared to go back home and be away from my family for a couple more months, and then all of a sudden, big surprise, like hello your flights cancelled,” said Sorenson.

Spirit Airlines says they are dealing with challenges, including weather, system outages, and staffing shortages. Those obstacles combined with a busy summer travel season is causing widespread problems.

The delays not only happening for Spirit, but also amongst American Airlines.

“We had a 1:30 p.m. flight with American Airlines, and we didn’t board the plane until 8:00 pm. They had cancelled it several times while we were waiting,” said Ellie Kuykendall, who was travelling from Florida to Nashville.

Full Statement from Spirit Airlines:

The last three days were extremely difficult for our Guests and Team Members, and for that we sincerely apologize. We continue to work around the clock to get our Guests where they need to be. We’ve dealth with overlapping operational challenges including weather, system outages, and staffing shortages that caused widespread irregularities in our operation and impacted crew scheduling. These issues were exacerbated by the fact that we are in peak summer travel season with very high industry load factors and more limited options for Guest re-accommodations. After working through yesterdays proactive cancellations, we’ve implemented a more thorough reboot of the network allowing us to reassign our crews more efficiently and restore the network faster. As a result, cancellation numbers will progressively drop in the days to come. By taking an in-depth look at the challenges we’re facing, we have identified opportunites for improvement that will help us operate a more resilient network and better serve our Guests.

Spirit Airlines

No other information was immediately released.