NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The job landscape in Tennessee and across the country is changing. Employment experts believe the pandemic started a new mindset for workers. The belief is in spending more time with your family instead of long hours at a job.

Hire Dynamics in Nashville has seen a rise in workers leaving jobs for better opportunities.

“Workers want a better culture where they feel appreciated and valued,” Hire Dynamics Area Manager Ryan Roark said. “They are not afraid to leave a job and go find another one.”

In an effort to attract and retain employees, many employers are offering more benefits. Bass Pro Shops at Opry Mills, is hosting a seasonal job fair. This year they are giving all new employees a retention bonus.

“We’re offering a $750 retention bonus to help find new associates,” said hiring manager Evelyn Sickman.

Typically, Sickman said she sees a much higher rate of applicants for seasonal work.

Bass Pro Shops is just one of several companies trying to find new hires, but the demand only makes it more competitive for workers to choose their company.

Roark also discussed the trend of workers staying with a job for a few months then quitting. They don’t care about loyalty to a company and will leave if the pay or benefits are better.

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