Panama City family makes new home in Mt. Juliet after Hurricane Michael


In Mt. Juliet, a family is starting a new life after they lost almost all of their belongings following Hurricane Michael. 

Savannah Mettille got out just in time with her three young children and dog, having to leave her husband behind for work. 

“I’ve always called Panama City home, so that’s home to me,” Mettille told News 2. 

She says they almost stayed behind as Hurricane Michael made way to their home near Panama City. 

“Just thank god that I left.” 

Mettille made a last-minute decision to leave, grabbing her three kids ages 1, 3, and 5, along with their dog. 

She says her community in Lynn Haven ended up getting the brunt of the hurricane. 

“It looks like somebody just took a lawnmower and just cut down the town like, there is no anything,” Mettille explained. 

While her home didn’t suffer much structural damage, she says they lost most everything they owned from a hole in the roof. 

“You know things that we will never get back like my parents are deceased and I had a lot of memories like pictures of them and stuff that are gone, just because of water that came in not even so much flooding from the ground up, just all the rain and mildew. The kids lost all of their stuff, all of their toys are gone which toys can be replaced so it’s not crazy to me but to them, it is,” she cried. 

Savannah is now staying with her sister but says the community has showered them with clothes, as well as housing and job opportunities. 

“Everyone is so generous and so concerned with our wellbeing it is truly amazing like how blessed we are.” 

While she says it’s hard starting over from scratch, “There’s just nothing there anymore. It’s not going to be home anymore, it’s going to take a long time Mt. Juliet will be our home now.” 

Mettille wants other evacuees to know they are not alone. 

“If you are here from Panama City, I want you to know that there are people here that want to reach out and they want to be a part of your life and help you start over.”

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