Overdose victim helps police catch alleged heroin dealing


PORTLAND, Tenn. (WKRN) – An alleged drug dealer is behind bars tonight accused of selling heroin tainted with fentanyl.

Portland Police were able to arrest the alleged dealer thanks to the overdose victim working with police.

According to Portland investigators, the deal went down on October 21st at a Portland convenience store. Officers say a man now identified as 28-year-old Dustin Perry sold heroin tainted with fentanyl to a man at the gas pumps.

Portland Police say the man who bought the drugs overdosed and almost died.

Detective Jason Arnold says “the victim was not breathing, he had no pulse. They administered Narcan to him and brought the victim back.”

Det. Jason Arnold is a former drug task force member with the 18th Judicial Drug Task Force.

Arnold knows the world of dealers and users inside and out.
So when the overdose victim rolled on Dustin Perry to put him away, The former narcotics officer was pleasantly shocked.

Arnold says, “it’s very rare. Most times they won’t give up their dealer. They wanna go back. Lotta times it doesn’t phase them. He essentially died and they brought him back. Any addict will tell you if it is killing people that’s the dope they want. It is the strong stuff, the high they want. And even though it risks killing them they think they can take it and if they can’t then, oh well.”

Jason Williams is the department’s interim police chief.

“In recent times we’ve seen a real uptick in overdoses and they have become a priority.”

Williams tells news 2, his department may be small, but it’s ready to tackle the big city problems of heroin, fentanyl, and overdoses.

Williams says, “with any drug, there is always a chance of resulting death being a side effect from it. With fentanyl, the amounts can be so minuscule that it causes death and it changes the whole dynamic so these cases are a priority and they are worked as homicides.”

Dustin Perry is in the Sumner County Jail charged with the sale of heroin.

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