Organic nail salon serves up manicures free of 5 dangerous toxins

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There are a lot of reasons to check out the fast-growing neighborhood of Germantown, just north of downtown Nashville.

It’s full of great restaurants and art, and News 2 found something we think is truly unique: an organic nail salon on Monroe Street.

Walking into Poppy and Monroe, your first impression was that it might not smell a typical nail salon.

“It’s fume free,” said co-owner Karen Kops. “We don’t use any of those products that have those typical smells you smell in nail shops.”

And that was the whole idea: an organic manicure free of the many strong chemicals typically found in the polish, including triphenyl phosphate.

A recent study found trihenyl phosphate to be a hormone disrupter and may be linked to weight gain.

“All of our polishes here are at a minimum of five free, which they are free of the five most toxic chemicals,” Kops explained.

One of News 2’s first questions, which may be on your mind, too, is if the nail polish doesn’t have the same chemicals, will it last as long?

“That’s a great question. Our whole thing is it’s amazing if it’s natural and green, but if it’s not effective, we don’t want it,” Kops explained.

She and her co-owner Sherri Coates tested more than 50 different polish brands. They carry only five.

Poppy and Monroe also focuses on giving customers an all-around trip to remember.

“From the time you walk through our doors, we want you to feel welcome, greeted, just an all-inclusive place where one can really come and just de-stress,” Coates told News 2.

That’s something two former female cooperate executives would know all about 12 weeks into their new venture.

“It was definitely nerve-racking, for sure, but we so wholeheartedly believe in it and feel like women want this when things get crazy,” Coates explained of their business. “We kept reminding ourselves of that, just full steam ahead.”

A manicure at Poppy and Monroe is $35, which is pretty standard. Click here to read more about what they have to offer.

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