Oreo set to officially debut Red Velvet cookie for Valentine's Day

WKRN web staff - They're real, and they (supposedly) spectacular.

Introducing new Red Velvet Oreos filled with cream cheese-flavored centers.

The limited-edition flavor is set to arrive in stores at the beginning of February, just in time to be a part of the Valentine's day flood of red and pink foods.

They'll cost you about $4.50 for as long as they're available or 6-8 weeks.

Those who have tasted the cookie say it's sweeter than a regular Oreo, but still a satisfying treat. However, they do say to try and resist the urge to eat the creme filling by itself. Since it doesn't contain any actual dairy, the filling can resemble the taste of canned frosting.

The testers over at People said that the cookies don't really taste like red-velvet cake, but the flavor combo does work itself out.


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