A group of ordinary citizens jump into action after a car flips and eventually bursts into flames in Belle Meade. The entire, heroic effort caught on camera Monday afternoon. 

It happened on Page Road beside Percy Warner Golf Course. That’s where a man’s car tire hit a culvert and violently flipped on its side, trapping the man inside the car. 

By phone, the 42-year-old driver explains what happened. 

“I just started sneezing — my allergies were flaring, and I started sneezing,” he said. “It felt like my front right tire went out, all of a sudden. It was slamming, and it was all a blur. And the next thing I know, I was spinning, and it was over on its side.”

The husband and father of two young daughters told News 2’s Andy Cordan that he was conscious the entire time as a group of golfers and construction workers rushed to his rescue, eventually rocking the vehicle upright. 
“And they are like, ‘are you okay?'” The man recalled. “I said, ‘I am fine. I am fine.'”

On video, you can see the man exit the vehicle on the driver’s side of the car without a scratch. 

“I was like ‘wow.’ I was relieved. My adrenaline was flowing,” he said. “Literally, I had a bruise on my arm and that was it. I was able to open the door and get out. I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me? I just flipped this car, and I’m walking away with a bruise?’ And it happened that the car flipped over in front of eight people right there.”

A few minutes after he got out of the car unharmed, it catches on fire. 

Belle Meade Police Officer David Wright said they got a call that a man was trapped in an overturned vehicle that was now on fire. 

“Well, we responded and thought the man was still trapped in the car,” Wright said. 

Video shows him rushing toward the burning vehicle. Wright said he only thought about it exploding for a second. 

“A little bit, but I was not thinking about it,” Wright said. “I thought someone was trapped in the car and had to get them  out.”

Within a few moments, Nashville Fire crews arrived and quickly extinguished the blaze. 

The driver told News 2 he is profoundly thankful to the men who rushed to his aid. 

“Super thankful,” he said. “I am so grateful.”

The man is also very impressed and thankful for the Belle Meade cop who heroically ran toward danger. 

“By the time he got there, the car was in flames, and he took off like didn’t even think. He didn’t know I was out of the car,” the man said. “His first intuition was to get to that car and make sure I was out.”

Amazingly, the driver was not hurt. His car was totaled, but the police did not cite him for the accident.