NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Nov. 5th and 6th, 2018 tornado outbreak spawned multiple tornadoes throughout Middle Tennessee.

In the early morning hours, an EF-2 tornado left a path of destruction through the community of Christiana in Rutherford County. This tornado left one woman dead and three people injured.

Angela “Angie” Walker, was killed when her home on Midland Road in Christiana collapsed as the tornado moved through. Angie was a beloved wife and mother to two children, a daughter, and a son. She was also an adjunct professor of psychology at Middle Tennessee State University.

One year later, Angie’s husband Scott Walker talks about picking up the pieces and moving forward. Memories are important to Scott which is why he went back into his home to find pictures.

“I didn’t go back into the house until maybe four or five weeks after everything happened. I specifically went in looking for old pictures and I found probably two boxes full. I bought several photo albums and put those pictures in the photo albums. I made one for my daughter and one for my son with pictures of them and mom.”

It’s a new normal for Scott and his children. While they were close before, the events of the past year have made them even closer in many ways. Still, there are many moments where it doesn’t feel quite right because Angie is not there.

“The biggest thing I would say is all those little moments with the kids like my daughter getting her driver’s permit, making the cheer team, my son graduating high school, then graduating boot camp in the army, those are the things that I would miss more than anything because you can see on the kid’s faces that something doesn’t feel right if mom’s not there at times where mom would be there. “

When asked what advice he would give for someone experiencing loss, this is what he said.

“I would just say that life is extremely short and you really don’t realize until after something like this happens that the stuff around you, the things that you own or possess, mean absolutely nothing. And more important would be the people that are around you. Because you just don’t know what tomorrow holds at all.”

Scott Walker is currently suing the company that built his family’s Christiana home. The lawsuit with Ralph Baxter Construction, LLC is ongoing.