NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Murfreesboro man had to do some serious rearranging as the omicron variant wreaks havoc with some travel plans.

Boye Adefeso and a group of friends first planned to visit Amsterdam, but the Netherlands confirmed cases of the variant this week. The group decided to make a switch, but that did not go as planned either.

“Instead, we were going to fly to Barcelona and then fly to Lisbon, Portugal. Well, another turn of events, they announced that they had 13 cases,” Adefeso said. “We’re all vaccinated individuals, we feel like we’re doing our part. But obviously, there are so many unknowns with this new variant that just doesn’t make sense to take a risk.”

Adefeso says it is not worth the risk, given the unknowns with the variant, but he’s hoping to make a trip somewhere.

“Who knows, I might go up to the Smoky Mountains. It’s interesting because this is the third trip that I’ve canceled in two years,” he said. Adefeso has a one-year-old child and he says he will have serious conversations with his wife and doctors before traveling anywhere.