NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s rather creative and places job seekers in direct contact with hiring managers. The virtual job fair, hosted by the Urban League of Middle Tennessee, welcomes anyone to join the free Zoom call and hear about positions currently available.

“This is our first virtual fair,” said a representative from the Urban League of Middle Tennessee, “Three companies are representing today… Kroger, Atlas, and the State of Tennessee.”

“We are hiring for our deli department, meat department, our grocery department – replenish and overnight, the e-commerce department, and our front end,” said Marilyn T Bell, the associate resource manager for Kroger.

Ericka Rowan with Atlas Management, a staffing firm located in Brentwood explains, “we have administrative roles located closely to the downtown area. Those are positions that are contracted to permanent. Most of those range from a salary of $13 to about $17 per hour. We also have some customer service research positions that are located in the Antioch area.”

Yolanda Banister, Program Manager for the State of Tennessee, says they have over 60 positions currently available. Most of the positions are in the Department of Children’s Services Division. Those positions require a Bachelor’s Degree, but no specific job experience is necessary. There are several correctional officer openings that require a high school diploma. The state is also looking for registered and licensed practical nurses to work in the Health Department along with other roles listed on their website.

Job seekers are able to ask questions on the Zoom call, receiving immediate answers. The Urban League of Middle Tennessee plans to continue hosting virtual job fairs.

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